Confidences trop intimes

Excuse me, but...
an urgent fax has arrived.
I'll be back later.
Wouldn't you like to dance again?
A star of the ballet? I'm too old for that.
Age doesn't matter,
if you believe in yourself.

Well... I used to, when I was young...
- When you were young...
- Well, yes.

I have done everything
too soon and too badly.

I left school at 14.
I left home at 16.
"Home" so to speak.
We lived in a camper.
My mother thought it was more practical,
because we travelled all the time.

We were always travelling.
To the south, in the sun,
without love or hate,
I simply didn't exist.

Sometimes, in the evening,
she brought in a man.

She made me go out
and forgot about me.

My mother has never brought anybody in.
I have to go now.
My train leaves in half an hour.
- Do you live far?
- In Switzerland.

In a quiet corner of the suburbs.
Small gardens, small houses...
I imagine that Switzerland is like that.
See you next time?
See you, madam.
- See you.
- See you.

- Anything wrong, Mrs. Mulon?
- Nothing, apart from the ashtrays I have to empty.

- Is she a new client?
- Yes, why?

I haven't got any file on her.
I'm taking care of her file.