Confidences trop intimes

It's a game between us.
I heard him shout.
Too late.

I smashed his left leg against the wall.
I made him an invalid.
- Wheelchair?
- No, only a cane.

He isn't happy to use it, but
sometimes he falls down
and I have to help him get up.

Thanks, Mrs. Mulon.

He hasn't touched me since then,
since the accident.

According to him, another man
would be a way to bring back his desire.

It's a dangerous game.
What if you fell in love?
With whom?
With the other man.
I should meet him, before.
Who's that sad woman?
I don't know... Nobody.
It makes me shiver.
I used to think that she was
my father's secret lover,

but he's too serious for that.
Even if for some time he had
a crush on Madame Mulon.

- The secretary?
- Yes, she was his own, at first.

She had some kind of vagueness.
Vagueness? I don't know what it means.
It means... she was attractive.
- See you.
- Good-bye.

See you.
I can finally shake a hand,
yours, at least.