Confidences trop intimes

I can't believe that!
You said "hmmm" like a psychiatrist.
And how do you know that
psychiatrists say "hmmm"?

Because I've been in analysis for six months.
You too? But why?
- I'm elaborating my mourning.
- Mourning? Has anyone died?

I'm elaborating the mourning of our story.
So? How about the sofa?
The small one,
I have come for it...

I'm glad you're taking it away,
it's useless.

- It'll suit your place much better.
- It is nice, isn't it?

Hold on, take away this too.
You have always said
that you liked it so much...

- Are you sure that you won't miss it?
- No. Leave it to me, Mrs. Mulon...

- Thanks.
- My pleasure.

Hi Willy. This is a men's thing.
Thanks a lot.
- My goodness, it's huge!
- The biggest on the market.

You're so lucky...
If you like it, I can get you one.
The importer works out in my club.

Very kind of you,
but I haven't got the license.

It's a joke, isn't it? Well, come on.
We have to hurry,
The traffic is terrible at this hour.

How strange, I knew you would say that.
- You aren't Zen at all.
- No, I am not Zen.

I have swallowed an umbrella,
and it was open.

You should chill out, mate.