All right. Get in.
I'm not a cop. Get in.
I'll drop you off.

No tricks, all right? You wanna learn
what you were trying to do?

-I never thought about it.
-Well, you ought to start.

-You know what? I'm okay.
-You don't know what you don't know.

Unless it was part of your plan
to get pinched and beaten for $45.

Listen, they got security cameras
on us now. You want a ride or not?

So you know what I do, right?
I usually work with another guy.
My partner, a Jew.

Disappeared a week ago,
and no idea where he is, so...

...I gotta find a new partner.
Why me?
I can't do what I do alone.
You can only go so far by yourself.
You can survive,
but if you want more than that...

:06:10 gotta work with someone.
And I got a lifestyle to support.

Look, I don't wanna be your friend,

I'll tell you that right off the bat.
This is work.

So if I ask you personal questions...
:06:22's because the more I know,
the more I can develop your role.

-You understand?

-You speak good English?
-Yeah. Pretty good.

All right, so, what's your name?


No, we gotta Anglo you up a little.

Yeah, Brian.
-What's your name?

Richard Gaddis.