Why me?
I can't do what I do alone.
You can only go so far by yourself.
You can survive,
but if you want more than that...

:06:10 gotta work with someone.
And I got a lifestyle to support.

Look, I don't wanna be your friend,

I'll tell you that right off the bat.
This is work.

So if I ask you personal questions...
:06:22's because the more I know,
the more I can develop your role.

-You understand?

-You speak good English?
-Yeah. Pretty good.

All right, so, what's your name?


No, we gotta Anglo you up a little.

Yeah, Brian.
-What's your name?

Richard Gaddis.
-This it up here?

Nice color.
So how about this.
You give me a couple hours...
...l show you some basics,
get you warmed up.

If it works out,
we'll kick it up a notch.

You hate it, you walk.
I hate you, you walk.
Nobody gets hurt.


-All right.

Look. It's my experience
people are more likely to give money...

:07:44 someone who looks like
they already have money. Okay?

I walk up to you all decked out,
standing in front of this car...

...l got some kind of emergency.
You know, under normal circumstances,
I don't need anybody's help, right?

And then there's you
showing up with the same story.