Who you think they'll give
their money to?

In my neighborhood, you'd be dead.
Yeah. Well, that's why we're not
working your neighborhood.

-Ever been to Westwood?

-Hello? Debbie?

-Who is this?
-Sorry. Wrong apartment.

Hello? Hello?

Who is it?
What, you don't recognize
your favorite grandson?

-How are you?

Well, I can 't believe it.
It's been so long.

-When did you get to town?
-Oh, I got in last night.

Are you all right?
I hardly recognized your voice.

I know, I'm--
I just got over something.

-But I'm not contagious, don't worry.
-You came to visit me?

You'll be mad. I'm with a friend.
We were visiting somebody nearby...

...and my rental car broke down.
-The rental car?

It's one of those Cooper MlNls.
Seen those?

-A what?
-It's no bigger than your toaster.

It's so cute, you'll love it.
Guess what color it is. Guess.

-No. I wanted turquoise.

They gave me a blue one.
Cobalt, they call it.

Anyway, the guy is coming to tow
the car back to the rental place...

...and I don't have any money
to give him. I left my wallet at the hotel.

How could you go out
without your wallet?

I know. You know me, so stupid.
I am so sorry. This is so embarrassing.
But if you have just $ 100,
it would be a huge help.

I'll go back to the hotel, switch the car
and come back with the money.

It'll take 15 minutes.