Are you there?
If Jerald ever found out about this,
he would absolutely flip.

I don't think we should tell Jerald.
Can 't you come up for a minute?
I can't. I have to wait with the car.
But I'm with my friend.
If you could give him the money--

His name is Brian.
He's really nice. He's Spanish.

-Oh, okay.

-I'm coming down.

It's okay to leave it with your friend?
Oh, yeah. He's real nice.
He's a friend from school.

Grandma, the tow truck is coming.
I gotta go. I have to go.

-She gave me 200.

And she said you should
give this back to your mother.

Why don't you keep it?
Got a girlfriend? Give it to her.

No. I told you,
I'm not, like, a professional crook.

-Whatever. You want the ring?
-No, it's not that.

-What is it?
-You know--

You know, the old lady, man.
Oh, I see.
Waitress in a casino, fine.

Trusting old lady, never.
Come on.
She told me I look like her nephew,
the one who died of blood poisoning.

-Are we still talking about this?

I don't know, man.
It was weird, that's all.

So why don't you just
go back and confess.

I don't feel anything for them, okay?
They're marks.
And some of them are dumber
than fucking pets.

-You ever been to Beverly Hills?

It's a great place to work.