Richard, this is where I work.
I don't want you or your associates
doing business here.

-I heard you.
-Why are your partners collapsing here?

-Who was it?
-An old Spanish guy.

That narrows it down.
Did he give his name?

Choa? Ochoa?
Ochoa's dead.
Well, Ochoa was creating
a disturbance in the lobby...

...trying to see a guest.

-So I had him escorted out.
-Yeah, see? My sister the snitch.

While this friend of yours
was being escorted out of my hotel...

...he fainted or something.
He had a seizure.

I don't need this, Richard.
The house doctor's probably gonna
call an ambulance.

-What's this have to do with me?
-He was screaming your name.

He recognized me.
He begged me to call you.

So I called you.
-Yeah? And I'm supposed to...?
-Go in there, calm him down.

Make sure that he doesn't come back,
and don't you come back either.

-You called me.
-I know.

Do what you need to do,
Richard, and go.

Let me get this straight. You came
to the hotel asking for Hannigan.

And when you couldn't get through,
you got nervous.

And then you collapsed. Right?
So now you need someone
to help you sell the goods today.


-So, what made you think of me?
-Because I saw your sister.

The Monroe Silver Certificate.
I copied it.
It took me an entire year.
I almost ruined my eyes.

-You copied it from what?
-From a set of photographs...

...taken by the Treasury Department.
I have a partner in the inside.
He's my son-in-law.

He's the one who taught me
about the bill in the first place.

He read a story about Hannigan's
collection of antique currency.