Make sure that he doesn't come back,
and don't you come back either.

-You called me.
-I know.

Do what you need to do,
Richard, and go.

Let me get this straight. You came
to the hotel asking for Hannigan.

And when you couldn't get through,
you got nervous.

And then you collapsed. Right?
So now you need someone
to help you sell the goods today.


-So, what made you think of me?
-Because I saw your sister.

The Monroe Silver Certificate.
I copied it.
It took me an entire year.
I almost ruined my eyes.

-You copied it from what?
-From a set of photographs...

...taken by the Treasury Department.
I have a partner in the inside.
He's my son-in-law.

He's the one who taught me
about the bill in the first place.

He read a story about Hannigan's
collection of antique currency.

He went and pulled the file on it.
See, he's a janitor,
but he's smart. He came to me.

Yeah? So Ochoa the forger has a relative
in the Treasury Department?

Yeah. Yeah.
-Sounds like a sting.
-No. He's married to my daughter.

How come you never told me before?
He's black, I didn't wanna
get into it with you.

-Look, he's gonna send it to a lab.

A lab test will take a week at least.
He won't have time for that.
He'll be gone tomorrow.

How do you know?
How do I know?
Look at this. He says he's negotiating
to buy a group of TV stations...

...but the seller is stalling
the negotiations.

This says that Hannigan operates
as a resident of Monaco.

If he doesn't leave tomorrow,
he'll be over the number of days...

...he can spend in the U.S. without
paying tax on his business...

...all over the world. And that could be
tens of millions of dollars.

Okay, how much you gonna ask?