The Treasury removed silver and gold
certificates from circulation in 1934.

They asked people to redeem them
in exchange for cash.

Most people did, but collectors didn't.
Treasury kept a list of all the bills that
was printed and all that was redeemed.

And all but three of the bills

:31:22 White are accounted for.
There's never been a recorded
public sale of this bill.

So most people, including Treasury...
...think somehow the outstanding bills
were either lost or destroyed.

So if one of these
would happen to turn up...

:31:38'd be the most valuable
piece of currency...

:31:41 the history of the United States.
-How my father-in-law?

Got that right.
I gotta go.
So talk to Ochoa, all right?
All right, baby.
-You wait here.
-No, I'm not waiting in the car this time.

Come on. Watch and learn.
Mrs. Ochoa.
-Who are you?
-Your husband's friend.

He sent us to pick up an envelope
that he left for us.

It's a large, yellow envelope.
-On the shelf under the Chinese jar.
-My husband isn't here.

He said even if he wasn't here
we could pick up the envelope.

-Look for it, please.
-My husband is not in. Come back later.

Ma'am, I heard you. We can't
come back. This is very important.