-You wait here.
-No, I'm not waiting in the car this time.

Come on. Watch and learn.
Mrs. Ochoa.
-Who are you?
-Your husband's friend.

He sent us to pick up an envelope
that he left for us.

It's a large, yellow envelope.
-On the shelf under the Chinese jar.
-My husband isn't here.

He said even if he wasn't here
we could pick up the envelope.

-Look for it, please.
-My husband is not in. Come back later.

Ma'am, I heard you. We can't
come back. This is very important.

Mr. Ochoa, Roberto, told me to come
over here and pick up this envelope.

Roberto, my husband, isn't home.
So if he's not home, why do you want
to get into the house?

Stop meddling
in your husband's business. Listen.

-No, I can call the police.
-I don't wanna get in the house.

-I just came to pick up something.
-I think you should go away.

No, no, no. Come on. Come on.
Excuse me, we're going now.
My brother always gets worked up when
we're going to visit our mother.

You're brothers?
We're half brothers.
He promised our mother
we would bring the photos...

...and that's why he's acting like this.
But we're only asking you a favor.
Tell your husband that
Richard and Brian were here, please.

We'll come back
for the photos tomorrow.

Oh well. Thank you very much.
No, wait. Come here.
-No, no. Not you.

You stay over there.
There are photos for your mother
in that envelope?