You're making a deal
in the bathroom, huh?

Richard? Hey--
-Wait, wait.

Who the fuck are you?
You with him?

-Is he with you?

Get in here.
-Come on!

Now, what the hell are you two up to?
This is a police matter. Step outside.
Excuse me, officer. These gentlemen
are here because I called them.

-And who are you?
-My name's William Hannigan.

I'm a guest here at the hotel.
-You called them?
-That's right.

Why don't you put the gun down...
...and then we can possibly negotiate
another means of resolving the situation.

Well, I'm sure there is.
I'll let you know.
You come with me.
You two, stay put.
-What are you trying to do to me?
-You said, make it look real.

Look real.
Okay, we gotta go back in.
Just take whatever he gives you.

-What about my part?
-I'll get it to you.

Yeah, you'll get it to me right now.
By the way, Teddy's looking for you.
-I'll see him, soon as this is done.
-He's getting tired of leaving messages.

My pleasure.