-What about my part?
-I'll get it to you.

Yeah, you'll get it to me right now.
By the way, Teddy's looking for you.
-I'll see him, soon as this is done.
-He's getting tired of leaving messages.

My pleasure.
Follow me.
-Are you okay?

-Where'd your friend get that gun?
-Same place he got his badge. At his job.

You told the cop downstairs
you got something to show me.

Who are you?
I mean, I heard the name,
but who are you?

I'm the person
you were tipped off about.

Look, you did us a favor downstairs,
which we appreciate, but the truth is...

...I have no idea
what you're talking about.

-You got something to say?
-No. No. He speaks for me.

-He speaks for me.

I'm just about to complete
a $ 7-billion TV deal.

Now, if you've got something
to show me, then show me.

If not, there's the door. Fuck off.