He tell you what happened to his
last partner? Make sure he pays you.

-Richard? Richard. Don't come back.
-Yeah, oh, we'll be back.

-I will call the police.
-And say what?

Richard, go.
So just talk to my wife about the bill.
She'll know what to do. Okay?

Hey, listen. I need a favor, man.
Can you take me somewhere?
Come on.
-How are your legs?
-The same.

Tomorrow I will bring you your money.
It should be big.
Then we can buy you the piano.

One that has a nice sound.
With these hands of mine,
how can I play?

Even less if you keep drinking.
Are you working?
Be careful.
It's okay. What could happen to me?
Just be careful.
Okay, I'm going.
-Your old man sick or something?

-Insulin, the whole deal?

I'm not big on sick people.
-He's diabetic. What--?
-I know.

I'm just saying, they freak me out.