It should be big.
Then we can buy you the piano.

One that has a nice sound.
With these hands of mine,
how can I play?

Even less if you keep drinking.
Are you working?
Be careful.
It's okay. What could happen to me?
Just be careful.
Okay, I'm going.
-Your old man sick or something?

-Insulin, the whole deal?

I'm not big on sick people.
-He's diabetic. What--?
-I know.

I'm just saying, they freak me out.
What did your sister mean?
-About what?
-You know, about your partners.

What does she know? She's not
even in the game, uptight bitch.

And what is this lawsuit thing?
-I don't know what you're talking about.
-You don't know?

This thing with her and your brother.
I was there, I heard it.

My mother died without a will, and
my sister thinks I shouldn't get anything.

So she hired a lawyer, so then I hired
a lawyer, and my lawyer's better. Okay?

-Why did you stop working with Ochoa?
-None of your business.

Today I'm your partner.
It is my business.

You could say I unilaterally
readjusted the dividends.

-You fucked your partner?
-"Fucked your partner." Were you there?

Listen, Ochoa's an idiot, okay?
He's talented, but he's an idiot.

If it was so bad,
why would he call me again?

Listen, I'm not gonna fuck you
on this thing.