All right, I'll give you 20 percent.
Ten for this one
and 10 for the other one.

Well, that's....
That's fair.
-So make it 30 for the stress.
-Go fuck yourself.

In cash.
Come back when you have it.
I don't have that much upfront.
You don't have a choice, Richard.
This morning...
...I didn't have a choice.
-We're fucked, man.

Fucked is handcuffed on the pavement.
We're three hours from three-quarters
of a million dollars.

We're far from fucked.
-But we have no money.
-I have some money.

-Oh, really? You have 225 grand?
-No, less.

I was gonna sit on it
till after the lawsuit.

Oh, your sister, right? The estate thing.
Another person fucked over.

-She didn't see the angle.
-Otherwise she would've done it?

Yeah, absolutely.
You don't know her.
She's fucking unhinged.

You're following her down a hallway,
staring at her ass...

...instead of watching her, listening
to her voice, boom, you're done.

And where's that money?
Thing is, we're still short.
I could get something from my lawyer,
plus, you know, my secret stash...

:56:22 your 38,
that's still only 207 grand.

-Two hundred and seven.

No, I'm not giving you
that money, man.

What? You'll have 150 grand.
No way. I'm not giving you
my dad's money. I can't!

-Get out.

-Get the fuck out.

I'll get the rest myself. The day's over.
Go find another partner.
I'm not kidding.
Get the fuck out of my car!

Take it easy, man.
You think I planned this whole thing
so I could take your lousy 38 grand?!

If you're so worried, why didn't you
catch the kid with the briefcase?!

Christ, have you learned
anything today?!

-Okay, calm down!