Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story

Dwight, Owen, what will you do
if Joe's goes under? Work at the airport?

- I ain't working at no airport again.
- No. Cos you hated it.

And, Steve, where do you go
to do whatever it is that you do?

- Gar. Joe's be the only place for Steve.
- Gar. You're right.

Do you see? There's no way I can go
back to working out at my high school.

They'd laugh at me there.
Lock me in lockers, make me eat clay.

But not here, not at Joe's.
I need this place.
You guys need this place. Come on.

I got it. I know how we can raise the money.
- How?
- Car wash.

What are the chances?
Same day, right across the street?

The girls beat us fair and square.
I am gonna be a gentleman about it and
congratulate every one of them, personally.

Guys. Not to be a nay-sayer or anything,
but the only customer we've had

is that weird guy
who keeps paying Justin to wash his truck.

That's it, boy.
Get in there nice and deep, like.

- That's not good.
- Gar. This sucks.

Relax, Justin, it's just a cutout.
At Globo Gym,
we're better than you and we know it.

Sign up now.
Do you smell that fitness? I do.
Rock it and shock it, baby.
You gotta burn it to earn it.
- What's in the envelope?
- Free 30-day memberships to Globo Gym.