Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story

People have different translations for things.
That's a special bond that you have with
your mail-order wife. I think that's nice.

- How many teams are in this qualifier?
- Two.

If we beat this team,
we're in the Vegas Open?

- Yeah.
- That seems pretty simple.

- Who's the other team?
- I have it right here. Just a sec.

- Troop 417.
- Christ. We're playing Boy Scouts?

Not quite.
Troop 417, ready.
Average Joe's, ready.
Set. Dodgeball.
I'm gonna send you to hell.
- I'm really sorry. Are you all right?
- Why would you hit a girl? Why?

I am so sorry. Are you OK?
Winner - Troop 417.
In your face.
You're adopted.
Your parents don't even love you.

And now, without further ado,
it gives me great pleasure to award...

I'm sorry.
We have a bit of a problem here.