El Maquinista

Three: the mill suddenly activates,
catching Miller's sleeve, resulting in this.
What is the fucking point?
These accidents are never pretty, Mr. Reznik.
Our job is to investigate these events
from every possible angles...

So that we might prevent their reoccurrence.
So we'd appreciate it if you are a bit more co-operative.
I knocked into the fucking activator by mistake.
What caused the mistake, Mr. Reznik?
I was distracted.
By what?
What distracted you?

It was Ivan,
I was watching Ivan on the pit.

The whole thing is my fault, okay.
Who did you say?
The new arcwelder,
I don't know his last name.

- What new arcwelder?
- Ivan, the guy from the swing shift.

Reynolds was picked up on a warrant
This guy got his place.

What the fuck are you talking about, Reznik?
Reynolds is right over there
on the pit as usual, busting his ass.

There is no Ivan in National Machine, Reznik.
What is this?
Mr. Reznik
Have you recently suffered any head injuries?