Eorin shinbu

- You're tearing my dress. Stop it!
- Keep still!

He's coming on real strong.
This is the right place.
Come in. Look at this tree.

Come in dad.
Close the door behind you.

What do you think? Huh? Okay?
Look at this, great huh?
It's a great place.
Great place Boeun.
- You put up that picture.
- Nice, isn't it? Great huh?

Look at the balcony. I chose this.
It's so clean.
Hey, look at this picture.
This picture.

Where should I put this picture?
You're having the time of your life,
aren't you?

- What's this, Arabian Nights?
- Goodness!

- What's with the pillows...
- Goodness...

Separate rooms until you graduate,

I am so pissed!
I like it...
What's this, a flower garden?
What am I going to do?
Stop it!
Language is part of culture...
Language is... a part of... culture...
When we learn of foreign language
We should also learn about

that country's culture...
Ah, great!
Hey, stop! Put something on!
I always take everything off.
Even my underwear.