Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Where'd you go?
I'm supposed to come too!
Listen, I'm just gonna
go get a salad bowl.

You can begin with the soup
and to give a glance him to Joel?

Can you stir the soup
and keep an eye on Joel?

It worked.

My God, look at this.!
Wow.! It worked.!
Look.! Look at this dress, man.!
Oh, my God! Look at it!
I wish I could take it with me.

Who am I?
Mrs. Hamlyn.
Right. Mrs. Hamlyn.

I must be about four.
Oh, my gosh.
Found the salad bowl,
so I'm serving salad and string beans.

Is he okay under there?
Peanut, are you all right?

God, honestly, I feel like
I could clean up all day.

Listen, would you hate me if I asked you
to clean some string beans?

No, not at all.
Oh, my God.
I love this kitchen.

Thank you so much.
She's not looking at me.
She's busy.

She's not looking at me.
No one ever looks at me.
I want my mommy.
Oh, baby Joel.
Hey, Joely.! Joely.!
Is every little peanut
under there okay?

Mm-hmm! He's fine.
Do you have something to drink?
Would you drink
a cocktail at this hour?

- I mean, still nor are the 5:00.
I would die for a vodka.

Oh, hang on.
Let me check if I have that.

Okay! I'm just
gonna wait right here.
Joel! Hey, no, sweetie.

Uh, Joely.
Your mother wants me to mind you.
Get back under the table.

Ice cream.
No, not until after, you know,
you've had your dinner.

Come on, Joel.!
Joel, grow up.!
Don't leave me, Clem.

Oh, my God, Clem.
This is sort of warped.

I'm scared.
I want my mommy!
Don't cry, baby Joel.

Baby Joel, it's okay.
Joel. Joely. Joel!