Exorcist: The Beginning

Puppet, sir.
Only 10 piastres.

They're crap, squirrel.
They fall apart before you're out of the door.

Five then, sir.
It's handmade!

My sister, she's very, very sick.
I know your sister.
She's peddling in the next bar over.

- Do you know my mother?
- No.

She's very, very sick.
I'll give you two.
That's a bad idea, you know.
Like feeding pigeons.
- Do I know you?
- My name is Semelier.

I work for a private collector
of rare antiquities.

- I cabled you last week.
- Yes.

And I didn't answer.
There's been a discovery
in East Africa.

A Christian church, circa 5 A.D.
No, it's not possible.
The Byzantine Empire
had adopted Christianity at that time...

but they never got that far south.
Nevertheless, there it sits.
The British have financed
a dig to uncover this church.

We believe a rare object waits inside.
We'd like you to find it
and bring it back to us.

So you think I'm a thief?
Now you think I'm a thief
and a whore.

No. Simply a man
who's lost faith...

in everything except himself.
You know nothing about me.

You're an Oxford-educated

an expert in religious icons.
You were a priest before the war.
So what happened?

This is a leather impression of
the artifact we're looking for...

a representation
of a mythical demon.