Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars

it ain't aboard the train
no more.

Doc says you
never were pregnant.

- I was.
- She was!

She was preg...
You were pregnant?

I was pregnant!
There is no baby.
No. Nothing.

We were in pieces,
thousands of pieces.

Rygel said he got every single piece off of the
ocean floor.

- Rygel.
- He was very thorough.

We made sure of it.
Even carried the pieces
up in his stomach

to make sure
he didn't drop them.

Congratulations, mate.
You are a mother!

- Oh, no!
- It's all right.

The wee babe
is doing just fine.

Yes, but it's doing
just fine inside me!

This is not happening.
- Do something.
- Hands off, missy.

The fee.
The fee is going up.

You take it out of him,
and you put it back in her.

Whatever it takes.
Won't do it.
Won't? I want this thing
removed immediately.

It's not a thing!
Fine. I want this miracle
of life out of me!

All right.
At the end of
the first quadmester.

The baby's too small now.

First quadmester?
Give me a drink!

Hey, princess, the nar's
in your stomach? Drad.

- What does it feel like?
- You tell me.

Weeber eggs? I hate them.
Well, apparently babies
love them.

Actually, Rygel, what does
it really feel like?

Like having a parasite,
a large parasite
that's growing!

Okay, what did we do
to piss off the locals?

- They're paranoid.
- No, wrong, not paranoid.