Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars

Won't do it.
Won't? I want this thing
removed immediately.

It's not a thing!
Fine. I want this miracle
of life out of me!

All right.
At the end of
the first quadmester.

The baby's too small now.

First quadmester?
Give me a drink!

Hey, princess, the nar's
in your stomach? Drad.

- What does it feel like?
- You tell me.

Weeber eggs? I hate them.
Well, apparently babies
love them.

Actually, Rygel, what does
it really feel like?

Like having a parasite,
a large parasite
that's growing!

Okay, what did we do
to piss off the locals?

- They're paranoid.
- No, wrong, not paranoid.

I've been talking to many
of them.

Stark our ambassador?
No wonder they're avoiding us.

What's their problem then?
- Fear. Abject fear.
- Of what?

Their fear extends to the point
of not talking about their fear.

Perfect. Let's not exacerbated
it by staying any longer.

D'Argo, beyond that concealment
canopy is Armageddon.

Do we really wanna
fly into that right now?

I'll ask 'em if we can stay.
They're not gonna like it.

So what should we do
in the meantime?

We get married.
You will make a beautiful bride.
I will see to it.

- Emperor Staleek.
- What is it?

We have received
a deep-space comm cipher.

- We receive tens of thousands...
- This is from a most unexpected source.

With a most
unexpected message.

It is about John Crichton.
The sender knows the Human's
current location.

An out-of-the-way water planet.
No defenses to speak of.