Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars

- These guys work for the Peacekeepers?
- Quite likely.

Right. You're with me.
I wanna hear those pass codes.

If the Dark Lord here can't convince them
we're a Peacekeeper vessel,

make sure you have
an outstanding plan "B."

We'll protect

Chiana, Sikozu, go
find Caa'ta and Pikal

and keep them safe.
- What about me?
- How best can you help?

- I can stay out of your way.
- Excellent.

This may not go
as smoothly as you'd hoped.

What? You don't do improv?
When I received the signal
you were still alive,

my departure from Peacekeeper
service was less than sanctioned.

Meaning what?
You there, hold position.
We're about to find out.
Do you know who I am?
I take it, you are sentries
for this sector, yes?

I wasn't informed
you were out here, sir.

Nor do you know it now,
lest it cost you your life.

In special service
to the Grand Chancellor,

I order you to release
and vacate this ship.

That won't happen.
And you are?
Chief of my vessel.
Our orders are
to commandeer any ship

not broadcasting
a Peacekeeper ident.

My mission would be jeopardized
by advertising such a beacon.

Your mission is more
than jeopardized.

It is over!
Who is in charge here?
Whom should I be addressing?

And who is going to take
the blame?

Chief, release the harpoons.
On Scorpius' authority.
Your command code, sir.