Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars

I wasn't informed
you were out here, sir.

Nor do you know it now,
lest it cost you your life.

In special service
to the Grand Chancellor,

I order you to release
and vacate this ship.

That won't happen.
And you are?
Chief of my vessel.
Our orders are
to commandeer any ship

not broadcasting
a Peacekeeper ident.

My mission would be jeopardized
by advertising such a beacon.

Your mission is more
than jeopardized.

It is over!
Who is in charge here?
Whom should I be addressing?

And who is going to take
the blame?

Chief, release the harpoons.
On Scorpius' authority.
Your command code, sir.
767 decahelot.
Scorpius, it is an honor
to meet you face-to-face.

That's a damn nice set
of body armor.

Does that come in blue?
What the hell did you do
when you left the fatherland?

- Kill the goose that lays the golden egg?
- Deserted my post.

What? For little ol' me?
It's amazing what a man will do
when he's in love.

Pilot, anything
you can do to help?

- Not without killing you also.
- Hold that thought and be ready to duck.

- Who's taking fire?
- Who isn't?

You all right?
Other than being shot at by the
Electric Mayhem, I'm fantastic!