Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars

Though we trace ourselves
to your lineage, my people

have lost the ability, but not
the desire to influence peace.

And exhilarating.

I shall confer
with the other conciliators

and notify you
when the matter can be assessed.

I told you this was
a waste of time.

Myths are rarely satisfying upon examination.
Hierarch, please.
You know me.
I know these travelers.
They are honorable.

Why do you send them away?
I do not. I simply require time
to examine the issue.

But, but with great respect.
What is there to examine?

Pikal is an Eidelon
like you.

We have awakened
from 12,000 cycles of sleep.

What pertinence can we have
to your galaxy now?

But the war.
The deaths, the slaughters!

Peacekeepers, do your duty!
The horror!
May I speak?
The Peacekeeper
shall be heard.

We apologize for invading
your sanctuary.

And we understand
you have reason for caution.

But what could be
more pertinent in this time,

or any, than the ability
to inspire peace?

Even if he's Eidelon,
how can this one supplicant
help that cause?

You are few here,
and Pikal's people are many.

With your instruction,
they could become

a great force for peace.
Though the Peacekeeper
provides sound counsel,

I still sustain reservations
that must be meditated upon.

Peacekeepers, clear the temple.
Can you believe this?
Somebody wants us
to be Peacekeepers.