Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars

The horror!
May I speak?
The Peacekeeper
shall be heard.

We apologize for invading
your sanctuary.

And we understand
you have reason for caution.

But what could be
more pertinent in this time,

or any, than the ability
to inspire peace?

Even if he's Eidelon,
how can this one supplicant
help that cause?

You are few here,
and Pikal's people are many.

With your instruction,
they could become

a great force for peace.
Though the Peacekeeper
provides sound counsel,

I still sustain reservations
that must be meditated upon.

Peacekeepers, clear the temple.
Can you believe this?
Somebody wants us
to be Peacekeepers.

Are you assassin?
No! I'm just the guy
without a brain.

The Lion here would like
some courage.

Tin Man, he needs a heart.
Toto here just wants an easy birth.

And Dorothy here, she is
just looking for a way home.

Now we're not gonna be here
tomorrow so I suggest

you take a long hard look
at our broomstick.

He is your heir!
An Eidelon.

As youths, we open our faces
to the universe,