Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars

out of the Eidelons.
- Where is he?
- Don't know.

I'm on tier 7.
Hard to track him
through the water.

I'll check the lower tiers.
I got topside.
We're going to need
more weapons on the surface.

- I'll raid the armory.
- Right. Be careful.

I'm pregnant,
not incapacitated, John.

Right. Pregnant.
Come on, Stark!
Give it up!

You act like you're high
half the time,

but we got an ocean
ten feet above our heads.

Holy crap.
Anybody see him yet?
Nope, but when I do
you're gonna know

because I'm gonna
rip his arm out.

He's not on the lower tiers.
All right.
You go to the bow.

- I got the aft.
- My pleasure.

Stark, I know
what you're feeling.

You got something in your head
that everybody wants.

Something that never should've
been there in the first place.

I promise you,
we'll get it out.

We damn well
better get it out.

Approaching water planet.
One damaged command carrier
on scans.

Multiple Scarran ships
bombarding her.

Do we have surprise?
>From all indications, no cannons
swiveling to our vector.

Have you isolated
the emperor's vessel?

Not yet.
Then target all craft equally.
Shock wears off quickly,
ladies and gentlemen.

You know how I change my mind
about things sometimes?

I get so excited.
I say I'm gonna do it
and I really...

frelling mean it.
And then I change my mind

I'm gonna do it...
with you.