Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars

We damn well
better get it out.

Approaching water planet.
One damaged command carrier
on scans.

Multiple Scarran ships
bombarding her.

Do we have surprise?
>From all indications, no cannons
swiveling to our vector.

Have you isolated
the emperor's vessel?

Not yet.
Then target all craft equally.
Shock wears off quickly,
ladies and gentlemen.

You know how I change my mind
about things sometimes?

I get so excited.
I say I'm gonna do it
and I really...

frelling mean it.
And then I change my mind

I'm gonna do it...
with you.
- You know why?
- Because you like Hynerians?

Not so much.
But I like you.
Can you hear that?
That's just the sound of a DRD.
And that is the sound of
our ship, Moya, under pressure.

And this...
is the sound of an AKR maximum
load ammo pack being chambered

into a full-grade
field ranger pulse pistol.

Are you all right?
Yes. The baby
is just kicking a lot.

I should go and help
find Stark.

We said no to John.