Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars

- You know why?
- Because you like Hynerians?

Not so much.
But I like you.
Can you hear that?
That's just the sound of a DRD.
And that is the sound of
our ship, Moya, under pressure.

And this...
is the sound of an AKR maximum
load ammo pack being chambered

into a full-grade
field ranger pulse pistol.

Are you all right?
Yes. The baby
is just kicking a lot.

I should go and help
find Stark.

We said no to John.
I know.
Moya and I will have
no part of mass murder.

None of us
want to, Pilot.

But if we don't,
the outcome will be worse.

Are not Stark
and the Eidelons

to the wormhole weapon?

Of course, but I'm not sure
they can do it.

You know, we all want
the same thing, Pilot.

Hello, D'Argo.
I found him. He's in
the lower maintenance bay.

I'm sorry I ran like I did.
It was mindless of me.

Are you okay?
Fine actually.
Remarkably fine
given the responsibility
that now resides within me.

So it worked?
It's inside you?