Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars

Get back! Get back!
There's too many! Take cover!
Come on, go, go, go!

I hear Bolivia
is perfect for a honeymoon.

They're pinned down,
War Minister.

Supply the troops
in the buildings with missiles.

We get hit with any more of
those missiles, and we are Spam!

We'll try for that building. Set
up a crossfire so we can move.

Go! Cover fire now!
Go! Move out!
I'm out!
All right, one through twenty.
We are lifting off now!
- You can be at the cliff when Moya arrives.
- Not 'til we clear this path!

Oh, that'll be easy.
- Sounds like you guys could use some help.
- Son!

We thought you were gone.
- How far away are you?
- A lot closer than you think.

Okay, everyone down, down.
Get down!

You're good to go.
I wish I could pick you up.
But along the way,
I rescued some stragglers.

You gonna be all right?
Yeah. Moya's on the way.
Thanks for the help.

I'm proud of you, son.
It's all genetics, Father.
It's like the Luxan lottery.

Okay, get outta here.