Feux rouges

If you didn't do it
for fear I'd turn you in, you're wrong.

I'm no snitch.
I have a sense of honor.
I'm a man, too.

You misjudge me.
That hurts me.
It really hurts me
that you misjudge me.

Hélène misjudges me, too.
She doesn't think I'm a man, either.
What're you doing?
Think I didn't see that?

Hey, you hear me?
This isn't the road to Bordeaux!
- Shut up!
- It's my car, my road, turn around!

Shut up, or out you go.
It's my car.
You don't scare me. You got no gun.

- Shut up!
- You got no gun.

I saw you with the tire.
Why drive with one hand?

- You're a cripple, that it?
- Will you shut up!