Fighting Fish

If you think you can do something
about it, you're blind.

It's you who's blind. I see that
your father wants A-Ken to take over.

Where have you been hanging out?
Where have you been?
What do you want with that Dutch cow?

Don't walk away from me.
What are you up to?

Everybody knows you're dating
an outsider. That's not done.

Do you feel above your own kind?
She's only a Dutch cow.

She's nothing.
- A-Ken...

Do you behave like that to your own
because of a stranger?

Apologize to him.
Stay where you are.
You don't respect your own people
and you don't respect us.

So I don't respect you either.
Young people now a days...
They drive me nuts.

Koh, how often do I have to tell you?
No quarrelling among ourselves.

But he...
- I haven't finished with you.

A-Ken, come with me.