Fighting Fish

Stay where you are.
You don't respect your own people
and you don't respect us.

So I don't respect you either.
Young people now a days...
They drive me nuts.

Koh, how often do I have to tell you?
No quarrelling among ourselves.

But he...
- I haven't finished with you.

A-Ken, come with me.
Stay here.
That cow...
- Wait, Lynn.

Where are you going?
- I've got work to do.

You're making it hard for yourself.
- And that from a man...

...who has never worked.
You don't have to work for my father.

Be nice seven days a week.
I have no choice.
What did you want with Chau?
You were nothing to him. He had dozens.

So what? Sometimes it
has nothing to do with love.

I knew. I see right through you.
I knew that. We clearly
know each other quite well.

What do you expect from A-Ken?
That he stays here for you?