Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

Harold and Kumar
Harold and Kume
Billy Boy!
Get your ass ready.

It's almost 5:00, and this bad boy
needs to get his drink on.

- No, no, no. Give me that.
- Don't.

- I'm gonna burn it once and for all.
- Stop that.

Dude, it's been six months.
It's time to move on, okay?

Whatever. Even if
I wanted to meet other women,

I wouldn't even know what to do.
I've been out of the game
for so long.

Dude, you come out with me tonight,
I promise you will get laid.

Yeah, it sounds very tempting,
but Berenson needs me to update
these financial models

for the meeting
with the foreign investors.

So what?
It's Friday night.

The Germans are taking
an early flight back.

The meeting got changed
to tomorrow.

So? Why don't you
just get somebody else

to do your work for you?
Harold, I need you to update
those models for me.

- Billy, aren't you supposed to...
- I know. Something just came up.

I have this meeting
with these new clients tonight,

and I'm never gonna have time
to get to those.

So that's your
responsibility now, big boy.

Make sure those are in
by 9:00 sharp tomorrow.

With all the downsizing
that's been going on around here,

we wouldn't want to have to tell Berenson
you've been slacking, now would we?

Okay, no problem.
You have a great weekend,
okay, buddy?

I owe you one.
Just one.

Thank you.