Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

What the hell are you doing?
I just called and made up some story
about a shooting in Millbrook Park.

- Jesus Christ, what'd you do that for?
- I'm fucking starving.

I figured I'd bust you out
and we'd go get some burgers.

Forget it. I'm not getting
into any more trouble.

I'm already in here because of you.
Hey, fuck you!
What did you want me to do,
stand there and take the hit?

You know I've never
taken a swing at you, ever.

Well, I never got your car stolen.
- Fine. I'm leaving.
- Fine.

- Harold, how do I get out of here?
- How the hell should I know?

Shit! Oh, God, this isn't good.
My ass!
Sure you don't want
to get out of here?

And become a fugitive?
Are you nuts?

- The guy has all my information.
- So what?

We'll just take what he
wrote down about you and leave.

Unless you want to
stay here all night

and not be able to
turn in your work tomorrow.

Fine, hurry up.
Yes! All right,
we gotta find keys.

Oh, yes!
Sweet! I was hoping it would
be one of these big ring of keys.

- Kumar, hurry the fuck up.
- All right, yeah.

- Yes!
- Dude!

- Hey, what's that smell?
- What smell?

If we still have time.
We might still get by

Every time I think about it
I wanna cry

With bombs and the devil.
And the kids keep comin'

No way to breathe easy.
No time to be young

But I tell myself
that I'm doin' all right

There's nothin' left
to do at night