Hauru no ugoku shiro

Here you are, Marker. Thank you, master.
This is for you, Mrs.
Sophie. Tha... thank you.

Everyone, let's start breakfast.
Thank you, Sophie. Thank you, Sophie.

It's been a while since I
had such a gorgeous breakfast.

I seem to have lots of things to teach.
By the way, what's inside your pocket?
What's this? I don't
remember... Let me have a look.

It's a magic spell! Isn't
this... , Master Howl?

This is really an old magic
and it's powerful, too.

Isn't it the "Witch in
Waste Land", is it, master?

"He, the one who grasped a shooting star...
,such a mindless man, your heart is mine. "

It messed up the table.
Unbelievable! It's gone! You can't see it
anymore, but the curse is still there, I'm afraid.

Everyone, you may continue breakfast.
Calucifer, move the castle
like another 50miles.

It's delicious! Send me a
hot water to the bathroom

At the same time? You're killing me!
Are you a follower of
the "Witch in Waste Land"?

Don't be a fool! I am the one
who, ... who,... uh,... ugh