Home on the Range

Well, Buck,
I hope you're proud of yourself.

As a matter of fact, I am.
Thank you for checking.

You know, Pearl,
it don't have to be this way.

You've got the best livestock
in the county.

All you gotta do...
is just sell off
a few of these critters--

Stop right there, Sam.
They're family.
You don't sell family.

Ho-ho-hold your horses, Pearl.
Now you get,
before I start using words...

no good woman should ever use.
-Don't bust your gusset, woman!
-Go on, Sam!

It is still my property!
Now get!

I said, get!
I was just tryin' to help!
Oh. Oh.
That sure took the starch
right out of me.

I am sorry, girls.
I'm just plum out of ideas.
I think we all know
what happens now.

-Jeb, don't start.
-Now we all get eaten.

-What? What?

You don't think people in town
eat animals?

But who would eat a chicken?
Come on, guys. There must be
something we can do.

What? What could we do?
-This just isn't fair.

Uh, what is?
Listen. What would you say
if I told you...

that you could win big money--
and see
beautiful downtown Chugwater--

if you went to the County Fair?
Thank you for your input, but--