House of Flying Daggers

Who are you?
I undressed you only yesterday.
Have you forgotten me already?
Why did you rescue me?
Why do you think?
You're an exquisite flower.
I'll do anything to help you.
Control yourself.
Don't worry.
I'm no longer a guest
of the Peony Pavilion.

You're not a showgirl anymore.
You're the daughter of the old leader.
What did you say?
How many blind girls know martial arts
and carry daggers like these?
I've rescued you,
and your daggers as well.
Why did you take such a risk?
I hate the corrupt government
and admire the 'Flying Daggers'.
Much obliged.
Why did we abandon the horses?
Hoof prints can be easily tracked.
I have two new horses hidden ahead.
You've planned well.
What's your name, Master?
Just call me Wind.
I wander around all alone,
come and go without a trace.
Like a carefree wind?
No, a playful wind.