I, Robot

The Nester Class 5 is tomorrow's robot today.
Spoon, Spooney! Hey!
Hold on... Excuse me
Spoon, man, where you been at?
- Just away, brother
- Away? Like vacation and stuff...?

that's real nice man...
Listen, I got a favor to ask.
I need to borrow the car
for like 10-15 minutes...

This is different, Spoon. Listen...
I've got this fine ass little yummy,
I mean, she is complete and agreeable...

ass hot sprinkable, Spoon.
What does that even mean?
You know what it means, man,
OK now stop varicating.

First of all, stop cussing,
because you're not good at it.

Let me get temp for the bus then, man.
I been there for you.

- Go home!
- OK, that's strike one, Spoon.

You talked to Marcy?
No G.G., I haven't talked to Marcy.
When I was comin' up
we just didn't marry someone
then divorce them, then not talk to them.

Del, don't play with me.
I bet if I stopped cooking
you'd call Marcy.

Boy, what is that on your feet?
Converse All Stars, vintage 2004.
Don't turn your face up like that,
I know you want some. All you gotta do is ask.

No, thank you very much.
Mmm, sweat potato pie.
Put that on a plate.
You know, I see on TV they given away some
of them new robots in the lottery?

You know G.G., those robots
don't do anybody any good.

Of all the people on God's earth
you should know better.

Sometimes, the stuff that
comes out of your mouth.

You listening to me, Del?