I Heart Huckabees

Hello. Albert Markovski.
I have a 1:00 appointment.

Sorry, I'm late.
This place is like a maze.

Have a seat.
We'll be right with you.

Why don't you just tell me
what your situation is.

Look, I'm not really sure I know exactly
what you guys do here, all right?

Well, we, uh-- We'll investigate
and solve your case.

- How?
- If you sign a contract, we'll follow you.

- You'll spy?
- Yes.

- On me?
- Yes.

- Will you be spying on me in the bathroom?
- Yes.

- In the bathroom?
- Yes.

- Why?
- There's nothing too small.

You know when police find the slightest
bit of D.N.A. and build a case?

If we might see you--
you floss or masturbate...

that could be the key
to your entire reality.

- So I'm hiring you to spy on me.
- That's right.

So we can figure out your situation
and resolve your crisis.

In addition, my associate will approach
your case from a different angle.

What do you mean a different angle?
What does that mean?

Regarding your perception of reality.
He'll tell you about that.

- Who sent you here?
- Nobody. I found your card.