I Heart Huckabees

- Where?
- In some fancy restaurant
that I'd never been to before.

I didn't have the proper attire.
So they let me borrow a suitjacket.

I reached into my pocket,
and there was your card.

The weird thing is
I always have a jacket.

- [ Woman ] But not that day?
- No.

- Brad Stand.
- Hey.

- Kind of a coincidence.
- Yes, exactly. My case is a coincidence.

- About the restaurant and thejacket?
- No, no. That-That's--

I'm talking about a big coincidence.
It involves one man.

It's a three-parter.
Okay. Ready?

[ Inhales, Exhales ]
First part.

I went to a place
called Schottinger's photo archives.

I was there getting stills
of early Bob Dylan.

In comes this tall African guy.
He's like 1 8 years old or something.

You know, he's in there getting photos
of Morris Chestnut...

Shaquille O'Neal,
Jim Carrey.

He's an autograph hound.
Kind of guy likes to get...

glossies of famous people
and get them signed.

Two weeks later, I see
the same African guy.

He's working as a doorman
at my friend's building.

Oh, my God!
- Who's your friend?
-Jay Wendorff. But it's not his apartment.

- It's his girlfriend's.
- What's her name?

Uh, Kelly. Kelly Coulter.
So, okay, that's two.

One time at Schottinger's
photo archive...

second time
as the doorman.

Third, I see this man,
he's in a van at the mall.

- What are you doing at the mall?
- I'm working.

- I'm making a statement for the open spaces.
- [ Horn Honking ]

Yeah, he's back.
You crazy bastard.

You don't plant no tree
in this parking lot!

I gotta come take that tree,
remove it and let traffic through.

You'rejust creatin'
more work for me.

- They're not always meaningful.
- Yeah, it's meaningful.

- Meaningful how?
- That's what I want you to find out.

- About your life.
- Yeah, about my life.

And about the whole thing.
About the universe, you know? The big one.

I mean, should I keep doing
what I'm doing? Is it hopeless?

Mr. Markovski, we see
a lot of people in here...

who claim they want to know
the ultimate truth about reality.