I Heart Huckabees

- What's outside this blanket?
- More blankets. That's the point.

- Blanket's everything.
- Exactly. This is everything.

Let's just say
that this is me, all right?

And I'm, what, 60-odd years old
and I'm wearing a gray suit.

Blah, blah, blah.
And let's say over here, this is you.

And, you're-- I don't know,
you're 21 . You got dark hair, etc.

And over here, this is Vivian,
my wife and colleague.

Then over here, this is
the Eiffel tower, right? It's Paris.

And this is a war.
And this is, uh, a museum.

And this is a disease.
And this is an orgasm.

And this is a hamburger.
- Everything is the same even if it's different.
- Exactly.

But our everyday mind forgets this.
We think everything is separate.

Limited. I'm over here.
You're over there. Which is true.

But it's not the whole truth
because we're all connected.

Because we... are connected.
- Sure. Sure. Sure. Sure.
- Okay?

- Yeah.
- All right, now, we need to learn...

how to see the blanket truth
all the time.

Right in the everyday stuff.
And that's what this is for.

- Why?
- Why what?

Why do I need to learn how to see the blanket
thing all the time in the everyday stuff?

You wouldn't want to miss out
on the big picture, would you?

- Uh-uh.
- That's partly why you're here, right?

And this is it. I'm talking
about it right now.

It will take a while
for you to get it, you know?

- But... it will help you.
- [ Zipper Unzipping ]

- How?
- When you get the blanket thing you can relax...

because everything you could ever want
or be, you already have and are.

- That sound pretty good?
- That sounds very good.

- All right, get in.
- You want me to get in?

- So, get in here?
- Yeah.

- What's going to happen to me in there?
- Oh, hey, you're gonna see.

You'll find out.
The purpose of this suit, Mr. Markovski,
is to help shut down...

your everyday perceptions
and give up your usual identity...