I Heart Huckabees

- This is a pretty good book. You should read this.
- What?

She says nothing's connected,
doesn't matter what you do...

you can drive a car,
you can burn up gas...

- Yeah?
- which would explain the way things actually are...

where people do destructive things
like it doesn't matter.

Tommy, Tommy, everything is connected
and everything matters.

There's not an atom
in our bodies...

that has not been forged
in the furnace of the sun.

- Now, isn't that cool? Huh?
- Yes.

- That's a cool thing, isn't it?
- But--

But what? You tell me where
she contradicts that.

- Oh, right here.
- Where? Where?

- There--
- Where?

''Less than 5% of the cosmos is composed of
the same elements that compose human life.''

- You know--
- There you go. That means we're all alone...

and we're miserable
and isolated.

Molly, if you--
Listen. If you--

If you leave him before he gets
done dismantling...

he will never make it
to the other side, okay?

You know what? I'm done
with the dismantling.

- You don't want to ask these questions?
- No! I want to live my life!

What is that life, baby?
What are we part of? Who are we?

Look at this. Do you know where
these come from?

- Yeah, my closet.
- Indonesia.

- The store.
- Baby, this is the truth, okay?

Little girls like you,
they have to work in dark factories...

where they go blind for $1 .60 a month
just to make Mommy her pretty shoes.

- Can you imagine that, Caitlin?
- I don't want the children to work in factories!

Don't listen, honey.
Daddy is crazy.

Daddy's not crazy, baby.
The world is crazy.

- It's important to ask questions.
- [ Caitlin ] Don't let them go blind.!

Mommy doesn't ask
'cause Mommy doesn't care.

- Don't stop asking questions, baby.
- Damn you!

- How dare you!
- Skippy, put her in the car, will ya?

- ''Less than 5% of the cosmos...
- Give me the teddy!

is composed of the same elements
that compose human life.''

- What does that matter?
- You should be asking these questions, Skip.

Guys, give him a break.
His therapist is down here to help him out.

Excuse me.
What did you call me?

- You're his therapist?
- No, I'm--not his therapist.

We need to talk 'cause this book
is making a lot of sense to me and I want--

And what is Caterine Vauban
doing in the United States?

What the hell
are you talking about?