I Heart Huckabees

- The store.
- Baby, this is the truth, okay?

Little girls like you,
they have to work in dark factories...

where they go blind for $1 .60 a month
just to make Mommy her pretty shoes.

- Can you imagine that, Caitlin?
- I don't want the children to work in factories!

Don't listen, honey.
Daddy is crazy.

Daddy's not crazy, baby.
The world is crazy.

- It's important to ask questions.
- [ Caitlin ] Don't let them go blind.!

Mommy doesn't ask
'cause Mommy doesn't care.

- Don't stop asking questions, baby.
- Damn you!

- How dare you!
- Skippy, put her in the car, will ya?

- ''Less than 5% of the cosmos...
- Give me the teddy!

is composed of the same elements
that compose human life.''

- What does that matter?
- You should be asking these questions, Skip.

Guys, give him a break.
His therapist is down here to help him out.

Excuse me.
What did you call me?

- You're his therapist?
- No, I'm--not his therapist.

We need to talk 'cause this book
is making a lot of sense to me and I want--

And what is Caterine Vauban
doing in the United States?

What the hell
are you talking about?

- [ Laughter ]
- [ Man ] No, no, wait. This is really good.

[ Laughing, Chattering ]
[ Brad ] You think that's funny?
I got a story for you.

- It's only four months old.
- Wait. Wait. Listen. Listen.
Listen to the master, all right?

I'm with Shania. We're opening
a megastore down by the loop.

Shania's there
promoting her apparel, right?

It's 4:00 and she's starving. So I order
a ton of tuna fish sandwiches, no mayo.

- [ Woman ] Stop it.!
- [ Laughter ]

Tick, tick,
tick, tick, tick.

Shania hates mayo, all right?
And she can't eat chicken salad.

That's no joke, all right? We gave it to her once,
she threw up in the limo.

- She's vomiting all over the limo.
- The lady hates chicken salad.

So I bring out a bunch of tuna fish sandwiches.
She still doesn't believe me.