I Heart Huckabees

No. No, ma'am. Shania has no song for you.
Let's move it along this way.

You're supposed to be on another floor.
Security is very tight in this building.

Or at least I thought it was
very tight in this building.

Of course, every
now and then we get somebody...

who gets off
on the wrong floor.

And then people
flitting about--

At Huckabees, the everything store.
[ Sighs ]
Let me try that one more time.

I-- I-- Okay.
Tops and mops.
50% off all women's shirts and hair products.

This week only.
At Huckabees, the everything store.

[ Man ]
Uh, Dawn, can we do it one more time?

I think we can do it better.
- I suck, Daryl. I really sucked.
- You're doing great, Dawn.

- I can't do this. I can't do it.
- Don't give me that face.

I don't know
what's wrong with me.

Your voice is the trademark voice
of Huckabees.

Oh, there she is.!
You're one sneaky lady.

I was almost in the elevators.
We're going now.

Let's move it along. There we go.
I'll show you where you need to go.

[ Thinking ] Moved my meeting to
the Huckabees corporation.

I saved this rock.
I'm going to save this place.

They're not gonna
save this place.

Brad Stand.

Corporate prick bastard.
Oh, motherfucking dickhead.

by Albert Markovski.

Is it possible for anybody in this world
to work together to make it better?

I don't think so.
[ Man's Voice ] It was Albert's vision.
This whole thing was Albert's vision.

- [ Vivian ] Tell me about Brad.
- [ Man ] Albert let him in, which was a mistake.

- Fuck!
- [ Angela ] He has been enormously helpful--

[ Man ] He dropped Albert's poems
from the benefit. And the mailing.

[ Vivian ] Settle down. Someone tell me
about the woods and the marsh.

[ Angela ] MaryJane, this is your story.
Why don't you do it?

My great grandfather owned
the woods and the marsh.