I Heart Huckabees

We deeded them over
to the municipality in 1 97 2.

In perpetuity for the public.
- Tell me why.
- We just wanted to share this beautiful place.

And now the town
is looking at subclauses.

- [ Murmuring ]
- All of the sudden wants yet another mall...

and houses on
this beautiful marsh.

- So we're fighting it.
- We are fighting it.

- We have to save the marsh.
- Sorry I'm late, guys.

I got the photo
of the wetlands right here!

It looks beautiful!
[ Brad's Voice ] Here's the marsh and woods
we're going to save.

This photo says
good times and peace.

Shania's right here.
No silly poetry.

Let the beauty speak
for itself.

[ MaryJane ] This is where
the littlejack-in-the-pulpits live.

An image is always better.
You've gotta reach people quick.

They don't understand poems. They don't want
to hear poems. They have no time for them.

They think too much.
Open Spaces T's for everyone. MaryJane.

- Extra small for your grandson, right?
- You shouldn't have.

Open Spaces T's
and here is the schedule for the benefit.

First up, cocktails.
Then, MaryJane...

you introduce the marsh video,
background story, animals, plants and stuff.

Angela, you speak. Marty speaks
for Huckabees. I speak. Then Shania sings.

[ Screaming ]
Shania Twain entertains us.
- Hi, have we met?
- No. Vivian Jaffe.

- Brad Stand.
- [ MaryJane ] She's a perspective from--

- Albert Markovski.
- [ Group Groaning ]

- Sorry, that's not gonna work.
- What's the matter with that?

- How are you connected?
- Through an investigation.

I worry about that guy. He alienates people.
What kind of investigation?

Existential. I'd like to ask a few questions
if you don't mind.

Actually we do. We do because
we've got to meet, and we're a little late.

Sounds kind of interesting though.
Have you got a card?

- Yes.
- I don't mean to give you a hard time.

Existential? Is that
like a therapy?

Okay, let's go, sneaky lady.
Let's step it outside.

[ Albert ] I told you to stay away
from my work situation.!

To solve your coincidence, we have to put it
into context. Brad Stand seems very important.