I Heart Huckabees

Open Spaces T's
and here is the schedule for the benefit.

First up, cocktails.
Then, MaryJane...

you introduce the marsh video,
background story, animals, plants and stuff.

Angela, you speak. Marty speaks
for Huckabees. I speak. Then Shania sings.

[ Screaming ]
Shania Twain entertains us.
- Hi, have we met?
- No. Vivian Jaffe.

- Brad Stand.
- [ MaryJane ] She's a perspective from--

- Albert Markovski.
- [ Group Groaning ]

- Sorry, that's not gonna work.
- What's the matter with that?

- How are you connected?
- Through an investigation.

I worry about that guy. He alienates people.
What kind of investigation?

Existential. I'd like to ask a few questions
if you don't mind.

Actually we do. We do because
we've got to meet, and we're a little late.

Sounds kind of interesting though.
Have you got a card?

- Yes.
- I don't mean to give you a hard time.

Existential? Is that
like a therapy?

Okay, let's go, sneaky lady.
Let's step it outside.

[ Albert ] I told you to stay away
from my work situation.!

To solve your coincidence, we have to put it
into context. Brad Stand seems very important.

So you come by Huckabees corporate and
say you're my fucking existential detectives?

- I'm lucky if I last another day!
- We can solve your case sooner
if you're straight with us.

I'm being straight with you.
Brad smeared me...

and took the coalition
in a different direction.

- That's straight.
- At Schottinger's photo archive
where you met Mr. Nimieri--

Who's Mr.-- Who's that?
- The African guy.
- That's the African guy from my coincidence.

- This is what I wanna talk about.
- It wasn't your first time at Schottinger's, was it?

- Did I say it was?
- You did. You agree it wasn't?

Sure. It wasn't my first time.
Big deal.

It was more like a regular thing with you.
And you weren't finding a still of Bob Dylan.

You were planting photos
of yourself in the archive.

- What are you getting at?
- Why would you do something like that?

To be noticed.
Maybe urgently.

- Maybe,yeah.
- Uh-huh.

How did that affect things
with Brad at the coalition?

How did it affect things at
the coalition? I don't know.

You know, it was a drag.
It really was a drag.

Because I wanted my poems to go out
with the fund-raiser mailing. Brad didn't.