I Heart Huckabees

who was chased by
soldiers and crocodiles.

- How does the love glow fit into that, man?
- It's connected.

Albert and Mr. Nimieri
share a great deal. It's just that--

- Oh! Oh, my God.
- [ Vivian ] What's she doing here?

[ Tommy ]
That's Caterine.

- This is worse than I thought.
- Oh, it's much worse.

The meeting's going down
at Huckabees right now. Let's go.

- [ Clamoring ]
- Hey, everybody. Calm down.

The national office
recognizes the charter.

We're here today to give
the director a chance to even the keel.

- So just give him a break.
- Thank you, Orrin.

- Okay, first director now. Silence.
- Excuse me.

First, I would like to apologize
for my part of the fight...

that I had with Brad Stand
a little while ago over the poems...

that did not go out
with the Shania mailing.

- Where's Brad?
- Brad. Brad. Brad. It's all Brad, Brad.

The big benefit's
coming up with Brad...

and Brad's running it
and it's going to go great.

So, look, we're overlooking
our core issues.

- [ Woman ] Brad is not here.
- So to get us back on track...

I have a new poem
I'd like to read.

[ Angela ] Point of order, please.
Apoint of order.

I want to discuss this strategy of poems,
which are getting us nowhere.

Excuse me, ma'am. Ma'am.
Poems are amazing, okay?

They will help you
and your mind transform.

[ Angela ]
Who the hell are you?

I'm with Albert.
It will help you...

to transform your mind
into thinking differently.

- You guys need this, okay? This is great.
- Where's Brad?

This is called
'An Open Meadow. '

''An open meadow,
an open marsh in a cloudless sky.

- [ Girl ] Boring.
- A crane flies.''

- Oh, Brad's here.!
- [ Brad ] Look what I got you, MaryJane.

- Oh, is that for my grandson?
- It most certainly is.

I'm talking here.
Come on. Shit.

You know what?
Let me just finish reading my poem...

and then we'll review
our strategy, okay?

- Good job, Albert.
- Can it be taped?

Excuse me, Brad. I would like to finish
reading my poem, please. Thank you.

- Relax. Not doing your poem.
- Don't give me the relax thing, Brad.

Let him read the poem, man.
He was in the middle of it.

That man is not in our coalition. He has
no right to be here and no right to speak.